WE RESCUED A STRAY KITTEN FROM OUR BACKYARD2096 Year Old Everleigh and Her Mom Swap Bodies For 24 HOURS202We're Happy Savannah Got This Checked Out.206WE TURNED OUR BACKYARD INTO A REAL WATERPARK FOR 24 HOURS215Our New House Got Flooded247We Built Our Puppy a Giant Dog Mansion For His Birthday!!!216Welcoming The Newest Member of the LaBrant Family!!!202Everleigh's Kindergarten Graduation!!! (Surprise Party AND Ceremony)239Everleigh Wins 1ST PLACE at her regional dance competition!!! (We Can't Believe It!)203Buying Our Baby Everything She Touches For 24 Hours368Our Friends Pranked Us That Our New House Is Haunted401Everleigh's Long Lost Twin Shows Up At Our Front Door...207Our 3 Pound Puppy's First Time Swimming Ends Like This...379We Can't Believe You Guys Said This About Our Daughters... (Reading Mean Hate Comments)239Everleigh Came Home From School and We Surprised Her With a 100 FT Bounce House In Our Backyard!!!345Everleigh's Emotional GoodBye To Her Best Friend... (Moving Away Forever)230Our First Night In Our New House Didn't Go As Planned...205Saying Goodbye To Our House Forever... WE'RE OFFICIALLY MOVED IN!!!391Baby Posie Gets Her Ears Pierced At 4 Months Old!!! *CUTEST VIDEO EVER*316Baby Posie and Our Puppy Share Cutest Interaction Ever Caught On Camera!!!204 The LaBrant Fam Videos