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Hey, guys. Today Lisa want to tell you why it’s so terrible to be pretty.
"I was always pretty, even since I was a kid. Well, I was a classic Marilyn Monroe beauty: charming blonde curls, white smile, dimples on the cheeks. Everyone adored me: my relatives, my kindergarten teachers, and photographers. Seems like nothing to complain of… but still…
I didn't have any friends though. Girls were always jealous. They thought I am successful at studies only because of my appearance. Some teachers even put me lower grades. Especially chemistry teacher. She always said it was impossible to learn so well with my appearance. She blamed me of copying from someone.
My school years were dark. I had the same things in music classes. The guys whispered about me. They said to me I was put on to the concerts because of my pretty face, not because of my talent. Teachers said others played better, but they would give me a part in the concert, because school sponsors wanted to see more pretty faces.
I passed the graduation exams and got the highest scores. When the results were posted at school, I was attacked by everyone, including the principal. Our class master even shouted in my face in front of the whole class that I was a disgrace to the school, and who knows how I got my high scores. But still I was on a Honor Roll because of my high scores.
Things got worse when I applied to a technical University by my mistake. Of course, I entered without any problems. But soon the troubles began. As it was at school before, teachers put me grades lying through teeth.
Seems like, I could have a boyfriend with such a pretty look. I didn't have him either. Fans – yes, but I didn’t meet anyone brave enough to come up to me and ask my name. "You're too pretty to be alone," that's what I heard from the guys.
However, some freaks would always hit on me. Really, some disgusting losers would constantly annoy me with their offers. But everyone at the University thought I was riding in luxurious cars with millionaires at the weekends. They didn’t know the truth.
During my second semester I took a big project. If I presented this project I would automatically pass all the exams.I worked all day long. Sometimes I did not even sleep. I really wanted to make a masterpiece so that everyone would finally judge me by the mind, not by my appearance. And I made a really cool project.
On the presentation day, I did not bother myself with any makeup and clothing. I found a baggy sweatshirt, simple jeans, and combed my hair in a simple ponytail.
Since then I stopped looking pretty. At all. I dressed up anyhow, didn’t comb for weeks, stopped wearing make-up. And that’s the paradox - they started to judge me in an honest way. Now I am going to get a university degree with honours, I got a boyfriend, and my life has dramatically improved. Once I got pretty again for fun. We had a ceremony at the University.Or it’s just me who’s so unlucky? But I know for sure, being pretty for me means to be doomed to loneliness, disgusting harassments and appearance judgement, ignoring my talents. So, I better be average".
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