when she's the Tie-Dye Ninja at the National Finals: Stage 3 - Lylah Ninja Warrior 2017 JIOSaavn

when she's the Tie-Dye Ninja at the National Finals: Stage 3 - Lylah Ninja Warrior 2017 Posted by What Lylah Does 2 years ago



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Lylah 'The Tie-Dye Ninja' has been training hard this past year. From New York City to Las Vegas and right here at home in Colorado. She has been doing a lot of traveling and training with some of her favorite Ninjas like Jessie Graff, Drew Drechsel, Flip Rodriguez and many more. Lylah was the only Competitor to make it to Stage 3 This year and she crushed this course!!!!

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Wolfpack Ninja Tour - November 3-5, 2017

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