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Hi, everybody. Today tell us his story.
"Ken, and I am the unluckiest person in the world. As a kid I almost died twice because of my relatives.
And with all that my sister managed to cover for me! When I messed up, she always took the blame and suffered for both of us. We had nowhere to go, because from the outside everything looked fine. Our mom worked as an accountant in some firm with connections. If we had gone somewhere to talk about this, they would have rejected us. Sam tried once, but they didn't even let her talk. The same night mom "explained" to her why we shouldn't do this.
My grades were bad, and it's not surprising. Instead of doing homework I sat as quietly as I could and I was afraid to leave the room or to make any noise. As I learned from books later, I only developed my personal survival skills and I couldn't add anything else to them. I just didn’t have any time.
But when we did meet, it was just amazing! She used to take me to amusement parks, gave me treats and let me do whatever I wanted. If not for these short but happy meetings, I would have definitely gone crazy from the constant tension. And in the end she would always put a few bills in my pocket so I could buy something tasty at school.

Mom didn't let us starve, but she didn't give us any pocket money either. She thought we didn't deserve to deal with money on our own. And when I was at school, I wanted so much to buy myself a new toy, a cookie or a fancy pencil-box. If not for Sam's help, I wouldn't be able to afford any little thing you can't help but want when you're a kid.
By this time she already had three shops and some staff, working for her. She did not give up on her dream about the apartment, but she decided to postpone it a bit and expand the business first. Sam worked like a dog and showed up at home only to have a sleep and to shower. I was already quite inde-pendent, so she was not worried about me, on the contrary – sometimes I cooked for the whole family and made her eat, because she was always too weak and tired.
This woman went further. She put a lock on the fridge and hid the key. By that time Sam was barely ever home, so she didn't see it. I didn't want to complain, so I ate at the school cafeteria. It was not enough though. Plus, I didn’t want to disturb Sam as she was working like a crazy in her business and raising a kid at the same time.
And here I was, spending nights on a bench, eating from a garbage can behind the mall and using re-strooms of the same mall. It was quite bearable, except it was a bit weird and scary to sleep on the bench at night. I had to run from the police constantly.
My classmates were interviewed by Sam and police officers, but for some reason Max didn't tell anyone anything. Apparently he thought that Sam was the one who kicked me out. But he forgot to tell me that. So I lived the way I lived, worked, maintained the garage tidy and kept eating by the mall.
Max and I are still friends, and I still work for his brother, though I don't have so much time anymore. After school I usually look after my niece - she adores me. Even her first word was "uncle". Also I gradu-ally joined the family business. Sam officially registered shops in her property, so she took her business with her when she broke up with her husband".
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